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Born To Lead VIP Mentoring

The 90 Day Success Intensive to Transform Your Life & Success

  • Are you ready to stop playing small, step into your greatness, be magnificent, create greater success, build a better business, have more influence, more impact,  & more income C no excuses!
  • Are you ready to accept this calling on your heros journey, take aligned action and make things happen in the right way at the right time for the right reason?
  • Are you ready to have a Starship Enterprise time and
    boldly go into 2011?
  • Are you ready to step up and into your true life
    purpose and bigger destiny?

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Kathryn Temple - The Energy Medicine Woman

Happiness has landed... Issue 2

Issue 2 will be hitting the shelves near you very soon, but if you can't wait that long, head over to our Order Page to download the files NOW!

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Issue two is bigger, bolder and cram packed with even more articles and features you will love to read and share with your family and friends. Because of the fantastic response we had with our first issue, issue two has grown to a whopping 48 pages!

With featured, World Renowned Author's such as Dr. Robert Holden, John LaValle, Michael Neill, Loretta LaRoche, Gill Edwards, Dr. Patrick Holford, Mike Dooley, Professor Connie Corley, Professors Ken & Mary Gergen & many more... We are really spoiling you with this issue!

Did you see...?

Happiness - Energy and Spirit Magazine was featured on BBC's
'Have I Got News For You', check out the video above for the Yeeehaaa factor!

Welcome to Happiness - energy & spirit

Hello & Welcome to Happiness, a new magazine to Inspire Minds and Empower Lives. Yes, it's what your life has been waiting for, a new an exciting twist on the world of Energy & Spirit.

So prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, sometimes at the same time, because we have some fantastic material from inspiring authors around the globe. One of them may even be you!

...and get this, it's FREE*, yes FREE*, a super glossy pamphlet of joy delivered directly to your door or inbox. So if you would like Happiness delivered through your letterbox every month, hit the Order button above NOW. Ok, not quite yet as the website is still in production.

Inspiring Lives   Youth Spirit   Well-Being   The Coach   Positive Parents   Positive Psychology   Laughology & so much more...

* the catch - if you can't find Happiness at one of our distribution points (list coming soon), we are going to charge you for delivery. Happiness for the price of delivery, we must be mad!

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Would you like to advertise in Happiness? Of course you would, who wouldn't, but I expect you need some more information first. Please visit our Advertising Page for more information.